Waterproofing materials

Waterproofing of buildings prevents the intervention of water, distruction,serves for the soliditation of building construction, protecting from corrosion,mold and rot. The insulation of this type is not only protection from external interference, but also a creation of favorable microclimate inside the building and self-regulation of humidity level.

PRODUCTS - Waterproofing materials - Bitumen membrane
Bitumen membrane


Polymer-bitumen membranes are multilayer materials with the width 3-5 mm. It consists of bitum,modificated by polimers and fiberglass or polyester.The main advantage of polimer-bitumen membrane is highly flexible comparable with other waterproofing coverings, which doesn't let the waterproofing covering burst even under the conditions of significant deformations and cracks on surface.  

Membranes on polimer-bitumen foundation have high level of technological preparedness in case of laying.They are durable,plastic.Polimer-bitumen membranes are used for the waterproofing of garages,pools and canals,bridges,flat and pitched roofs,fundaments and many other structures.



  • Bituminous membranes are perfect solution for waterproofing, they are resistant and flexible.
  • Bituminous membranes have mineral substance and gravel layer which gives protection from exposure to UV.
  • Bituminous membranes consists 6  layers mineral layers, consisting of a glass fiber mash which gives extra strength,
  • Bituminous membranes resistant to temperature changes.

Usage areas

  • Flat roofs waterproofing;
  • Walls waterproofing;
  • Floor waterproofing;
  • Public buildings waterproofing;
  • Industrial buildings waterproofing;
  • Green roofs waterproofing.