Thermal insulation materials

The materials are intended for the thermal insulation of roofs, floors and walls of all types. They can be used in the conditions of high temperature and humidity.

PRODUCTS - Thermal insulation materials - Mineral wool sheets
Mineral wool sheets

Mineral wool (mineral wool, stone wool, rock wool) Greentec presented a fibrous non-flammable, environmentally friendly, hydrophobic material, obtained on the basis of silicate melts rocks of gabbro-basalt group.
Mineral basalt wool is the basis for the manufacture of mineral wool, which can be used as an effective insulation structures for the private, civil, public and industrial construction. Mineral wool is an effective and environmentally friendly material.

Features thermal insulation of mineral wool

Mineral wool as an insulation, has quite a long history of use, allowing you to talk about its reliability and durability. Lifetime, which has mineral wool insulation on its basis, more than 50 years. An additional advantage of the mineral wool - high ratio of water vapor permeability. This allows water vapor to freely penetrate the mineral wool, keeping the material from the accumulation of moisture.

Mineral wool Features:

  • Flammability;
  • High heat and sound insulation ability;
  • Resistance to thermal deformation;
  • Hydrophobicity;
  • High vapor permeability;
  • Chemical and biological stability;
  • Environmental Safety;
  • High manufacturability (ease of cutting and installation);
  • Long service life.

The use of mineral wool ensures optimal, comfortable indoor climate parameters, keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. Mineral wool effectively reduces airborne and impact noise.

  • Mineral wool for roofs
  • Mineral wool for facades
  • Mineral wool for sandwich panels