Thermal insulation materials

The materials are intended for the thermal insulation of roofs, floors and walls of all types. They can be used in the conditions of high temperature and humidity.

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Thermal insulation XPS boards

Detailed description of heat insulated tiles.
Thermal insulation XPS boards can be used under high stress and excessive moisture.Due to the peculiarities of the structure and unique properties extruded board plate material can be used under high stress and excessive moisture.XPS board is performed in the form of slabs of green, grey, blue and color. Heat insulated tiles are stipulated for heat insulation of floor, walls, roofs. Due to the low coefficient of thermal conductivity and high mechanical features, tile provide the structure of effective isolation. Extruded polystyrene is produced in the form of green, blue and grey tiles. Due to its unique structure heat insulated tiles can be used even in the conditions of high humidity and temperature.


  • Thermal insulation sheets XPS polystyrene have high chemical resistance;
  • Thermal insulation sheets XPS polystyrene have low thermal conductivity;
  • Extruded polystyrene is high strength and longevity;
  • Thermal insulation sheets XPS polystyrene have low water absorption;
  • Thermal insulation sheets XPS polystyrene are frost-resistance and can be installed simply.


  • Density = 28-45 kg / cu.m.
  • Water absorption for 24 hours = max 0.1-0.2% of
  • Water absorption for 30 days = no more than 0.4% of the 
  • Thermal conductivity at (25 ± 5) ° C = max 0.030 (W / m • ° C)
  • Vapor permeability coefficient = 0,015-0,019 mg / (m • h • Pa)

Usage area

  • Thermal insulation sheets XPS polystyrene is perfect for concrete and metal roof insulation;
  • Thermal insulation sheets XPS polystyrene well choice  for commercial area insulation;
  • XPS boards can be used In cold storage floor Insulation;
  • Thermal insulation sheets XPS boards perfect solution for on ground slabs with floor heating systems, wine cellar and wine storage insulation.