Waterproofing materials

Waterproofing of buildings prevents the intervention of water, distruction,serves for the soliditation of building construction, protecting from corrosion,mold and rot. The insulation of this type is not only protection from external interference, but also a creation of favorable microclimate inside the building and self-regulation of humidity level.

PRODUCTS - Waterproofing materials - Polymer bituminous mastics
Polymer bituminous mastics

Waterproofingg mastic is used for the protection from humidity of constructive structures,made from concrete,reinforced concrete,wood. Very often it is also used for the waterproofing of pipelines,foundations of houses. Another populat usage area is the construction of seamless waterproofing coverings in basements,pools,it helps to protect the foundation and other constructions from corrosion.Due to the waterproofing the material itself is protected from distruction,and its functions save their capacities during a long period of time.

Waterproofing polimer-bitumen mastics serve for the insulation of constructive structues,repair of road canvas,insulation from humidity of different coverings:floors,walls,roofs.Company Greentec fulfills waterproofing with polimer-bitumen mastics with the construction of high pressure-the method of direct supply of air.


  • The work with bituminous polymer mastics gives surface waterproofing without any sewing;
  • Bitumen polymer mastics are resistant to salts, sulfates and chlorides influence.

Usage are

  • Foundation’s walls waterproofing;
  • Floor waterproofing;
  • Public buildings waterproofing;
  • Industrial buildings waterproofing;
  • Green roofs waterproofing.

The works with bituminous mastics done by Greentec’s high-pressure equipment, with direct air repulsing method.