Soundproofing materials

Soundproofing materials prevent noise penetration into the house or flat. Our company will provide you with high qualified soundproofing materials and solve of noise penetrating problem into the house. Materials are divided into the two categories: soundproofing and sound absorbing. Our experts will help in choosing the right kind of sound insulation.

PRODUCTS - Soundproofing materials - Mineral wool sheets
Mineral wool sheets

Mineral wool insulation materials are excellent thermal and sound insulating materials.They are widely used due to the ease of effective sound insulation and are quite cheap. In addition, mineral wool boards have sufficiently long period of use. Due to the fiber structure, mineral wool easily dampens excessive noise. Mineral wool acoustic screen is included in the structure of a sound-insulating walls. Sound-absorbing mineral wool boards provide acoustic comfort in your own home, in public places, the workplace, thereby fenced from the noise of the people, causing stress, irritability and fatigue.


The excellent acoustic noise reduction, confirmed by tests
No shrinkage during the entire period of operation
Fire safety and environmental comfort.

Usage area

Frame-sheathing partitions
Mid-floor overlaps
Acoustic ceilings