Waterproofing materials

Waterproofing of buildings prevents the intervention of water, distruction,serves for the soliditation of building construction, protecting from corrosion,mold and rot. The insulation of this type is not only protection from external interference, but also a creation of favorable microclimate inside the building and self-regulation of humidity level.

PRODUCTS - Waterproofing materials - Bitumen roof shingle
Bitumen roof shingle

Soft roof tile is often called flexible tile, bitumen or shingles. They are not very big flat lists, with figure cutouts from each side. It is produced in different forms: hexahedron, rectangle, oval, triangle, wave etc. It also has a wide range of colorful solutions. In the basis of soft tile is glass canvas from bitumen or organic felt. The basis serves as a reinforcement for connecting two layers of oxidized modified bitumen with different polymeric additives, which provide the tile with flexibility, solidity and resistance to deformations.