Waterproofing materials

Waterproofing of buildings prevents the intervention of water, distruction,serves for the soliditation of building construction, protecting from corrosion,mold and rot. The insulation of this type is not only protection from external interference, but also a creation of favorable microclimate inside the building and self-regulation of humidity level.

PRODUCTS - Waterproofing materials - Drainage membranes
Drainage membranes

 Drainage membranes are one of the most modern solutions for the buildings and constructions with high demands to the security and reliability. The main function of drainage memranes is the protection of waterproofing layer and organization of wall drainage. They are highly solid and resistant to the chemical agression,interaction of rot and bacteria,distructive interference of roots of plants and ultraviolet rays.Drainage membrane is a protection for the waterproof layer,providing additional air space and unprevented removal of water.


Drainage layer has a polymer composition which provides maximum protection for waterproof layer against mechanical and chemical influences;
Drainage layer are stable salts, resistant to salts, sulfates and chlorides influence.

Usage area

Foundation’s walls waterproofing;
Floor waterproofing;
Public buildings waterproofing;
Industrial buildings waterproofing;
Green roofs waterproofing.

Drainage layer fixed with Greentec’s special insulation pins.