Vaporproofing materials

Vaporproofing provides durability and protection from external negative factors for roofs, and for residents - protection from the cold . Our company offers high qualified materials for vapor barriers, which protect the structure against the penetration of water vapor.

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Vapourproofing membrane

Breathable slicks  are called vapour barrier membranes that provide protection for buildings against the ingress of atmospheric moisture, while at the same time are substantially transparent for water vapor exit from the inside. The membranes have a unique combination of properties: they are durable, but at the same time lightweight, waterproof, chemical resistant, while "breathing" chemically inert and environmentally safe. Membranes are used as waterproofing and windbreaks in the construction of pitched roofs. They are on the second line of defense from the outer insulation layer of moisture (snow, water droplets, condensation), which can penetrate under the roofing in extreme weather conditions (strong winds or rain oblique).


Vapourproofing membrane is used  as a vapor barrier for the protection of insulation and other elements of the building structure of the saturation water vapor from inside the premises in buildings.The material has a rough surface to hold the condensate drops and their subsequent ispareniya. Vapourproofing material makes it possible to maintain the insulating properties of insulation and extends the life of the assembly.

Usage area

Insulated pitched roof
Frame walls
Interior walls (interior walls)