Soundproofing materials

Soundproofing materials prevent noise penetration into the house or flat. Our company will provide you with high qualified soundproofing materials and solve of noise penetrating problem into the house. Materials are divided into the two categories: soundproofing and sound absorbing. Our experts will help in choosing the right kind of sound insulation.

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Self adhesive soundproofing

Acoustic characteristics:

 Acoustic foam’s effectiveness largely depends on the ability of converting sound waves into heat. There are open and closed sound-absorbing cavity which can absorb and deplete the voice. If all cavity is open, the sound will pass through them. On the contrary, if all cavity is closed, the material can only absorb very little sound waves. The cavity is mold-shaped. So the material’s sound-absorption level is uniform anywhere. This ensures that the material can achieve the best sound-absorbing effect.



The material is fire-resistant
It provides effective soundproofing.
It is easily corrected and installed.
The material is interesting element for design.

The spheres of usage:

‚ÄčThe studios of recording
Places with acoustic systems
Public buildings, cabinets, offices, schools, hospitals
Gyms and pools.